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          Group Executive Vice President , Managing Director of Zero2IPO Ventures

          Mr. Hubert Yuan joined Zero2IPO as the Managing Director of Zero2IPO Ventures in 2011, responsible for the management of RMB funds of Zero2IPO Ventures

          Prior to Zero2IPO, he acted as an executive director of PreIPO Capital, with rich experiences and track records of expansion- and late-stage investments in a number of industries, such as agriculture, consumer goods, commercial chain, chemical, IT and advanced manufacturing, etc. His successful track records of investment include HL Technology Group (HKEX: 1087.HK), Shandong Borun Corporation (NYSE: BORN), Helicetude Marine Machinery, Boke Information Technology, Xiaoxiniu Dairy, Jilin Heimao, Huaya Microelectronics, Koal Software, Genitop, Quechen Silicon Chemical, Yunhe Hydropower Group, etc.